You Can Get Millions Free & Legal eBook on This 10 Websites

Accessing E-books can’t all be accessed for free, because there are already many paid E-books. For the free version, you can search the internet according to the genre of the book you are looking for.

So where can we get good and quality e-books but we can still access them for free?

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The first time you open this website, you may be a little amazed because there are millions of free ebook downloads that you can access there. This most complete free ebook download place deserves to be called an online library.

Because this site is an open project, therefore all users of this site can contribute to the collection of books available. You can download books here for free.

Manybooks is a free e-book download site owned by Bruce Hartman. More than 33,000 books are provided on this site which of course you can access and download for free.

To make it easier, you can search for e-books on this site by type, title, author, language, recommended books and popular books to download.

Bookboon is a popular e-book site with the most complete collection of books related to business and marketing categories. Many people who are interested in business and marketing always visit this site.

Even so, there is no need to worry because this site also provides books with other categories.

Completing a row of free and legal book download sites, getfreebooks can be a reference. You can find a collection of books from around the world on this one e-book site.

The book categories are also quite diverse, ranging from Science books, Short stories, Horror Stories, Fantasy, Fiction, and many others. And not only that, this site will also offer us books with top compilations.

On this site, you can find around 20,000 free e-books. The categories also vary, ranging from business books, children’s books, computers and the internet, literature, marketing, publishing, references, to tutorials.

No less interesting than other free book download sites, on this site you can also find many categories of e-books that can add to your insight.

Starting from books in the categories of Art and Photography (40 books), Biography and Memory (76 books), Business and Investment (37 books), Children’s Books (19 books), Computers and the Internet (148 books), Cooking and Food Books (18 books). ), Entertainment Books (19 books), Body and Mental Health(35 books), Home and Garden (5 books), Law (37 books), Literature and Fiction (15 books), Sports(6 books) and Travel (17 books) )

This website portal provides more than 30,000 free e-books that you can get for free. Commonly referred to as Project Gutenberg, this free e-book site is not only provided for ordinary readers but also for researchers and academics.

This can represent a statement that this e-book site is a very trusted site

Free E-book is a website that provides free e-books which consists of several categories where each category is accompanied by more sub-categories.

If you want to download books on Free Ebooks, you are required to register first. No need to worry because registration is free, so you don’t have to pay to become a member.

BookYards is a web portal where books, educational materials, information, and content can be accessed by anyone. You can use this site to find references for doing college assignments.

There are more than 10,000 books on this site which of course you can download for free.

And finally there is Google Books. It turns out that in addition to being an information search engine, Google also has its own site that provides a variety of e-books.

Google Book, which is Google’s e-book provider portal, provides a large selection of books in various different formats. Google Books is also available for mobile devices under the name Play Books.

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